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Lushy Banton has been bringing his electrifying mix of dancehall music and sing/rap style of

innovative performance to audiences for over two decades. Hailing from Kingston, Jamaica,

Lushy grew up entrenched in musical influences—whether the sounds of Michael Jackson or the

dancehalls where his father promoted dances throughout the Grants Pen area. These early

introductions exposed him to—not just Reggae and the behind-the-scenes aspects—but also

live performance techniques from some of the region’s top acts. With such examples, he spent his

youth perfecting his chatting craft and putting in intense workouts to the mic. Having easy access

to one of Kingston’s finest sound systems, the renowned Stereo One, based in his native Grants Pen

area, his practicing helped him hone a unique stage presence and vocal recording prowess.


                                                                                                 Building a name off his riveting style, his presence began to grown within the community                                                                                                 as a rising star. Such word-of-mouth exposure led to producers courting him, until he l                                                                                                      landed in a studio with well-respected Reggae producer Striker Lee. From the collabo                                                                                                        came Lushy’s early track, ‘Gal Uno Sweet,’ on the compilation album entitled “Bam Bam”                                                                                                   (released in England). While recording for other producers, he continued enhancing his                                                                                                       own lyric writing and performance, until landing on notable labels such as the legendary                                                                                                 Stone Love Records and indie Adex Records. While with Adex, he commuted between his                                                                                                 native Jamaica and Los Angeles, eventually settling in New Jersey.


                                                                                              Once his music moved toward heavy Reggae rotation, he successfully began charting with                                                                                                 hits such as “Brown Eye Girl”, “Oh No” (with Wyclef Jean)", “Mate Hear Say,” “Think Me                                                                                                       Done,”  “So Much Trouble,” (sampled with Bob Marley) and “Exercise”. Besides Wyclef, he                                                                                            has also worked with numerous other major talents such as Junior Reed. These landmark singles solidly placed Lushy Banton into the lexicon of dancehall performance masters. Since arriving in the US in his early 20’s, he has grown in both his music as well as a sense of maturity—as seen in his lyricisms on current socio-political subjects. States Lushy about his new direction, “I write now more about what I’m surrounded by. Songs to help wake up the youth and I say to them—you need tenacity and to believe in yourself. If you tell yourself you can do it, chances are you can. I attribute that to my longevity so far. Not letting anybody tell me I can’t make it. I’ve proven wrong anybody that every said that. So go hard or go home.”


After working with other labels he formed his own in 2008, Watsitnot Entertainment, and

sits at the helm of fresh projects that are galvanizing the world. In honor of the

unprecedented US presidential election campaign, Lushy launched his most acclaimed

track, “Obama” with an accompanying video—taking both radio and TV by storm.

The timing further cemented Lushy in the worldview and garnered numerous accolades

such as a 2009 nomination for Best Obama Song in the very prestigious IRAWMA

(International Reggae & World Music Awards) in New York.


Focusing this motivating mindset on the world community, he delivered a compelling look

at a controversial subject, immigration, in his single 'The Undocumented/Message”.

Following on the heels of the heavily aired song is another hot button

topic-turned-to-music, “Black Lives Matter,” whose thought-provoking lyrics deliver just

the message youth need. iTunes (and all other streaming platforms) keep the release

before a growing audience of fans with both the single and a forthcoming video set for YouTube, joining a lineup of other Banton hits. Lushy has, since his first forays into the industry as early as 1990, never missed a beat with live performance opportunities leading to tours and events such as the annual Festival of Life in Chicago. He finishes touches on what may be a subsequent album release, with a new single launch “Who’s Your Daddy. Meanwhile his compelling messages about contemporary issues resonate with the heart and mind—not to mention gives you the rhythm and show he is most acclaimed for. Lushy Banton’s music continues to bring meaning and message to those trying to get the groove of life today.

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